Internet Publishing With AutoCAD!
 If you have   Autodesk’s FREE DWF Viewer,   the thumbnails below are useable via the right-click menu you will find on the drawings.
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AutoCAD's the name!  Drafting is the game.

CCDD:  Whatever your project requirements, if it needs precision drawings, I do that. Sketches, Programming, Space Planning, Design Development, Construction Docs, 3D Modeling have been my specialty since 1983.  That was when I discovered AutoCAD - AutoCAD version 2.6 that is.  Been there -  doing that - ever since.

CCI/P:  Captain Cow Internet Publishing helps you publish AutoCAD drawings on the Web,  where they can be viewed instantly, without AutoCAD, by project architects, engineers, construction managers—or clients.  I'll show you how.  (examples above)

CC3D:  3D Studio MAX enables complete visualization of your project with animated walk-throughs and photo real stills. Or see how best to proceed to construction using 3D models for construction planning. You can see it all when it's 3D!

Contact me for more information about Captain Cow Drafting and Construction Documentation.

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