CRAIG (CJ) JUAN : Fabulous Band Leader and Bass Player

Covered "Gangster Purple" written by Gary Duncan of Quicksilver, on Plucked the Sixties Tribute 2003 And on "I Feel a Change" (aka Cough Syrup) written by James Robert Mosley performed by CJ & Friends (The Saloonsters) on Even Mo’ Grape (2002)


Ran with so many bands we can't remember 'em all... The Saloonsters, Phatback, JC Flyer with Chris and Lorin Rowen, various Jerry Miller configurations... Oh Man.

And such awesome partners!

Craig Juan, Lyn Giles, John P. Murphy III, Paul White

Craig Juan with Jerry Miller

Craig Juan with Bob Mosely

Definitely gets the most points for Ugly!
and he's ours...

“After silence that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.” –A. Huxley.

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