El Palo Alto - El Camino at San Francisquito Creek, 1875

To someone who has never seen one, a Redwood must be something from a very tall tale. Up to twenty feet in diameter, some as tall as three hundred seventy five feet. Taller than the Statue of Liberty. Larger around than a Greyhound bus. The largest living thing on earth. A Redwood forest contains more biomass per square foot than ANYWHERE on earth, including Amazon rain forests.

Won't you join us under one at the

Women in the Redwoods Music Festival 2012

Enjoy music made by women - music descending from the goddess.
Incarnate yet imaginary, a music which partitions the stars.

The sky is certainly no limit

You will see

Lisa Kelly

Katy Boyd

Burl Wood

Amanda West


Maddy Streicek

Mica Lee Williams

The Keller Sisters

And many more...

actually witness Captain Cow helping with sound

We're out to celebrate life, some gentle production values and the woods,
especially the coastal Redwoods, Sequoia sempervirens that is,
Sequoiadendron giganteum even.

Doncha love it? We're shakin' our hips in California!

saturday, september 8th,
1pm. until 10pm.
free music, all ages, all day
Diedre and Malcom's Restaurant and Bar
available chef-d'oeuvre and boozy treats.

at Cafe Cuesta, 8865 La Honda Rd., La Honda, California
(650) 747-9220

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Past Posters

"You can't have a tree without a woods to stick it in"

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